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Do you need unusual photographic art for your home or office?
Do you need edgy images for advertising and trade?


I am located in San Antonio, Texas and I like to shoot interesting things and interesting looking people on-location in natural light conditions. I do not do studio work - there are many others that can help you there.

I especially enjoy "walk-up" and street-scene imagery, and as example, most of the images in the gallery were shot "in the moment."

If you are excited about the kind of images and style you see in the gallery, most can be licensed for a reasonable fee. If you have something custom in mind just drop me a line and let me know what you are thinking.

You can also contact me about session fees and prices on signed prints, and who knows, if the gig sounds interesting, and I have not done that kind of shoot, I may just come out and do things "on the come", with no session fee, so that I can get some stock shots - and you just pick what you like and pay on a per image basis.

Also, if you are a construction or other business professional, and you want an artistic book of edgy project and people images that you can give to clients - or give your crew members who are actually turning the bolts, flipping the burgers, etc, then I'd like to hear from you.

Things like walking on girders, getting up with the welders in the cherry picker, standing nearby while the crew is tying rebar are no problem at all .

So, if you need an artistic image that shows real people doing real things drop me a line at photographer55@koenigphotoart.com


Art Koenig
Photographer ~ Artist
San Antonio, Texas